“Continuous improvement of the quality management system.”

Since 2009, SEMCON is certified in the Quality Program for Accounting Firms – PQEC.

In 2012, SEMCON earned ISO 9001 certification. The certification has contributed to ensure the Quality Management System and the continuous improvement of our processes, always properly updated in order to provide reliability in services, greater efficiency and productivity.

Quality Program for Accounting Firms committed to ethics and quality of services provided. PQEC is linked with continuous changes in the industry and offers a process of continuous improvement to participant companies in order to integrate them to the market.

ISO 9001
Currently used by more than 750,000 organizations in 161 countries, ISO 9001 is by far the best-established quality structure that sets the standards for not only quality management systems, but also management systems in general. In addition to helping organizations, ISO 9001 is a fundamental tool for clients’ satisfaction, employee motivation and continuous improvement.

SEMCON aims to constantly innovate its accounting and management processes and offer excellence in tax consulting to address clients’ needs. SEMCON seeks the engagement of its professionals and independent providers, aiming at constant improvement of services through communication with clients, investment in technology, as well as by setting targets for their processes in compliance with the Quality Management System.

Our certifications

SEMCON has provided accounting services in Piracicaba and in the Region for more than 30 years. Our services