About Us

Reliability and efficiency combined result in quality and these principles are basic requirements for an accounting firm to excel on the market. When we add modernity and dynamism to these factors, the result is CREDIBILITY and SUCCESS. This formula makes SEMCON one of the leading firms specialized in Accounting Management and Tax Consulting.

Founded on May 21, 1980, SEMCON has adequate structure to serve customers of all sizes. Its work evolved from an accounting firm to the concept of an enterprise specialized in Accounting Management, based on the use of technological resources, including integration with the software adopted by clients, avoiding loss of time and moving toward a paperless firm. We seek, thus, to constantly innovate processes and services offering greater value added to our clients.

Thanks to the strategy deployed for continuing education, Quality Management and Human Resources, SEMCON has a highly skilled workforce capable of providing solutions, advisory and consultancy of all sorts to our clients.

All our structure, tradition and experience in the areas of General Accounting, Tax and Labor Law, that is made available to your company, ensures a solid partnership and with plenty of good results, consolidating itself in a positive balance!

Our Guidelines


Be recognized in its field of expertise as the best and most innovative enterprise of accounting management.


Provide the best solutions and add value to the business of our clients by proving services in management accounting and tax consulting.


Ethics, Innovation, Integrity, Respect for people, Clients’ Success, Excellence, Interdependent Relationship with stakeholders, as well as Financial, Social and Environmental Sustainability.

Quality and Certifications

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